Hello Valentine Day Readers especially!

Sure this is a day for lover’s and a reminder of what is most precious in life, a solid partner to share one’s life with.  If perhaps you do not have a partner, celebrate yourself in your private sanctuary of bliss and realize you are worth it!

As for owners of the latest hottest selling novel at Amazon entitled BELONGING, the main character Kamille, can really empathize with people who are still in the search mode for what is missing out of their lives.  Or shall I say WHO is missing from their lives is what they are constantly searching for.

Likewise, Kamille’s adventure is similar.  Curly haired Kamille with defined soft dimples is passionate during her lonely quest while facing unpredictable odds along the way.  Yet still, Kamille is faithful in her heart of hearts, determined to find where she can truly BELONG!

So in the meantime, chill and relax with your personal form of the novel entitled BELONGING by Marilyn White only on Amazon.  Put your feet up, warm yourself up with a nice beverage and take your hands gently and place it on your Kindle or print version and become fascinated with what you read through and through.  The print version became available February 13, 2015 at this link:


Try not to eat too much chocolate, cheers!


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