BELONGING readers are you with me?

Amazon has been so busy stocking my new book in print format in their inventory just waiting for a new home like yours.  The e-book version is also standing by for the most fervent readers to pull out your Kindles, I pads, etc. So make yourselves comfortable in your favorite reading place and let the reading adventure of a lifetime begin.

I am busy introducing myself as a new author of BELONGING on many other social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and  It is great meeting so many talented authors and patrons.  Soon, I will register BELONGING at Pinterest and Instagram.  The staff is working hard to complete all of your requests quickly as possible.

We have several new Twitter followers that are outstanding and talented people from all parts of this country.  It is an honor for BELONGING the book, to be associated within such a group of distinguished talented people in all of the social sites.  Certainly I want to promote my book, but I have a dual purpose in mind in which through this book it will intentionally spread peace and love while it is in circulation.  BELONGING will belong and share its true character in literary creative form.

Remember the old song, “What the world needs now is love sweet love”, yeah that one!  In 1965, that particular song was first recorded and made popular by Jackie DeShannon originally and later by Burt Bacharach with lyrics created by Hal David.  In some aspects, my main character Kamille has a difficult journey in which she attempts to find a place in her world simply to belong around the same era in the mid-1960’s. Check out curly-haired Kamille with doting dimples, you will not be sorry.

This type of story line is classical and affects thousands of children in our society today in the foster and adoption processes. Give BELONGING your undivided attention and open up to new ways of seeing through the eyes of this child Kamille.  Yes, BELONGING may seem to be a bit lengthy.  However, as a child, Iwas taught that all things worth having (in this case reading) sometimes are worth the wait.

Why don’t you take some time off of your life’s busy hectic schedules and cuddle with a noteworthy book such as BELONGING.  Re-engage yourself without your techie gadgets for a short duration. Become free with your thoughts and remember how it was when it was so enjoyable in your quiet space with your reading materials and only your thoughts.

If nothing else, BELONGING can entertain you in a different way versus the reality shows and boring infomercials forcing products at us only for us to write on our wish lists. Anyway, give my new novel a try, you won’t regret it!  I would appreciate any ideas and feedback.  It is a great exchange for you loyal readers to be a part of BELONGING’S experience. Lastly, please fill out the review section at Amazon website on the bottom page of the book’s link:

Visit BELONGING’S Facebook page: a courtesy, select “Like Us” & thank you very much!;  or tweet with me on Twitter/ (@belongingbook)

Until the next visit read, smile and keep on turning BELONGING’S  pages!


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