RAINY DAYS…we can get through them together!

Ok it’s a rainy and cold here Sunday in Arkansas. But perhaps maybe not in your areasite. Oh, but that’s okay Amazon is to the rescue! BELONGING’S e-store is available 24/7 for you avid readers who love to get away from the day’s burdens and escape with a superb novel. BELONGING awaits for the appearance of your stunning eyes to turn its every page until the climatic end.

Emerge yourself in that new recliner with the softest of foot rests. Allow your fingers to tap and type away the necessary keys on your keyboard to bring BELONGING right before you as you sip on your favorite beverage and breathe slowly. Are you there yet?

Follow this link:

Find out what Kamille, Mother Hazel, D-D and other strong-willed characters have done in this outstanding novel. It can be a great teaching tool for those that are in search of family, love, adventure and a place to BELONG! IT IS an incredible story and one of a kind read, no doubt!  Passionately read and watch the raindrops fall where they may…or the snow…and breathe.



On a final note never forget to send whispers of peace and love as you encounter another and go about your day.  It’s one of the few things that remain free.



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