Positive Experience Changes Brains

Author Marilyn White & adoptee of new novel BELONGING totally agrees with you…always be honest and reinforce security & love with a child, then all may blossom beautifully.

Wisdom For Adoptive Parents

Keep hope alive folks, because there definitely is plenty of reason to do so. The brain is capable of repair beyond our current scientific understanding. Play, laugh, talk together about real life things, so your child can learn about life the best way–from YOU.  
Our traumatized children have a hard time feeling safe with parents, so they often cannot learn from us. Playing, laughing, rolling around, and acting silly together creates safety–felt safety. Felt safety is what allows a fragile brain to grow new neuropathways, new insights, new access to the part of the brain that governs memory and executive functions such as logical sequencing, cause and effect thinking, connections, organization, theory of mind, empathy, and moral reasoning.
Your child may not fully heal while living at home, but positive experiences change brains and move children further down the road to a fulfilling life. That’s really all…

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