Running in the green grass among yellow daffodils

As the new author of BELONGING, I recall the writing about my main character Kamille and how in the spring she roamed around in her spring plush field of green grasses in her neighborhood in Fort Smith, Arkansas during the early 1960’s.  What a beautiful city it was.  The pollen usually was very distinctive in its appearance as it could aggravate anyone’s normal daily activities and have one reaching for a tissue in hopes of catching their sneezes mid-air.

The hopes and dreams of dimpled cheek Kamille was often combatted with daily taunts along those grassy fields by color coder’s and hypocritical church folk.  Certainly there was that ever-loving neighbor, extra Mom who invited her to play a song for her.

That wonderful lady was Mrs. Cravens with bright smiles and a delectable cookie sheet of her popular pecan pralines and cocoons with white powdered sugar.  It would always warm Kamille’s heart as she realized how love was a most powerful emotion and it nipped hate and bitterness in the bud if she learned how to harness it.

What did adoption mean? Curly haired Kamille wondered as she kept running outside with her friends.   Kamille, Bonnie & Ronnie giggled and climbed the brown oak trees with its new lively green spring leaves jutting wildly here and there near the chain linked fence that surrounded the Twin City Nursing home. It was only moments earlier when Bonnie beat Kamille in a  hands of checkers beneath one of the Twin City Nursing home empty beds.

Meanwhile, Mother Hazel made was working on her bookkeeping records to make sure the business affairs was in good shape as the most noble employee of the day would do. Follow Kamille on her journey and read about the many adventures that entangled her young life.  She loved to stare and pick a few of the tulips and roses in bloom and grab a few to bring to her parents to show them her adoration.

Oh yes, those yellow dancing daffodils were her very all time favorites. Can’t you see her running through the grasses near the 8th street park with her friends? Can’t you hear her playing her favorite tune of Fur Elise for her Mother on demand? Join her…purchase your copy at Amazon…sip Green tea and relax. BELONGING is so worth the read, absolutely! Also check out my new book trailer including bloopers & all on U-tube.  It’s great fun & laughter!


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