Our lives reflects its very own coded seasons!

As an author of BELONGING, I came to the conclusion that during my writing my first novel that it became cathartic for me.  Surely, life still fluttered on without me participating daily or giving my opinions over its current affairs to others.  But it made me become more aware of what was uniquely important.  And that was each episode of my trials and triumphs that I transitioned through.

In retrospect, I passed my life’s course full of challenges which produce new experiences over and over again in doses.  I said, “I can do this”!  I then thanked my Creator for giving me a new day to begin again and the inspiration to write (my personal decision).  Life simply is just that LIFE moving and changing 24/7. Is your life grand?  Is your life happy? Do you have children in your life?  Do you know foster children, adopted children? Are your parents still alive and feel your watchful eye of protection over them now?

Do you go about each day and buy more adult toys, techie devices to keep up with the trends to blend? Are you a rescuer or you one who refuses? Do you walk  briskly by the stranger at your frequent restaurant simply because you didn’t want to have eye contact with he/she? Perhaps because of the color of their skin you walked faster. Are your pets given more love and attention than another human being?

Life’s personal seasons can make most of us ignore what is really important.  We all get so caught up with “ME”, “ME”, and “ME” that we simply don’t consider changing our selfish habits. Now I realize for some it’s harder than for others to become bold leaders of change. BELONGING is a movement of sorts.  I want everyone to BELONG!  Why not you?  You and I did not create this great planet but we are its temporary protectors.  Let’s make others feel that they belong.  And leave our selfish entitlements to an unknown supreme intelligence for now.  Awh yes!

But why worry about how others view you when they don’t pay your bills?  Why do you consider those elements of sensitivities when an entire world of color coding is used every day by most in describing their fellow-man. We make us better when we make each other better in reality. Okay, okay…but for now… Let’s pause in our life full of seasons and aim to strive for honesty, compassion and understanding of others like the character in BELONGING aspired to be.

We all are so brilliant in our different shades, colorful skin tones that we should use each day to make magic in our lives our life’s seasons of interaction that are full of similarities than not. BELONGING’s character named Kamille simply wanted to be loved regardless of her skin color.  Colorism stressed Kamille’s life in all directions simply because of life’s erratic seasons since her very origins.

Make yourself a mental note the next time and try to pause and give a smile to a stranger and/or a hug to an elderly person who may have forgotten their whereabouts.  Don’t be concerned about their color but their hidden value instead.  I recently lost a dear loved one who was like a true sister to me and she was the catalyst for my writing.  I honored her with a memorable short expression at her funeral and thanked her for being an integral part of my life since age 1.

Linda adopted me without the courts system but out of her sincere life’s season of love.  Linda bonded with me and nurtured me while babysitting me occasionally over my young life. Linda realized I was an only child with many challenges but blessings as well. I took time out to say one last thank you to her.  I cried.  I smiled. Why don’t you do the same in your life?  It’s as easy as informing yourself in a private chat that “YOU” are reinventing yourself on a very personal note.  You’re reorganizing “YOUR” life’s season. Join life’s ample seasons in a huge way!

Initially send out brief mini hello’s/thank you’s to neighbors, co-workers, strangers, family and friends. Before you no it you will complain less and smile more. Embrace your life and revel in each experience and lose that COLORISM.  At last SMILE!  The last time I checked, it was one of the few things available that are still truly FREE!  May your season be superbly abundant, colorless, humble and downright giggly!

Again, it’s free, try it! BELONGING is the reason and can be in your life’s season as a gift or for your relaxing pleasure.  It is from my life’s humble season to yours to enjoy!  Please take a moment of your time and consider reading BELONGING!




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