Everyone please stop in to visit with me in Fort Smith, Arkansas on October 15,2015 at the Fort Smith Main Library at 3201 Rogers Avenue for an “Authors in the afternoon” event. It will be a fun casual social gathering for new authors!

I appreciate my hometown support as a new author of BELONGING by Marilyn White. Fort Smith is a federal historical city of old, but also has new leadership. Fort Smith is growing and is upgrading its infrastructure whereby, it reflects all people’s contributions and history.

Fort Smith is continually prospering in the areas of excellent education, business and civic activities so that all citizens can flourish within the community. Check out my loving hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas while the golden-red leaves are still blowing in the southwestern winds. The leaves are a gorgeous sight to behold.

As usual, you can still buy the BELONGING by Marilyn White as a Nook e-book or Kindle e-book and paperback (Amazon only) at the links listed below. Come enjoy a few smiles during this fun book signing event.

Again, “Authors in the afternoon” will be the place to be on October 15th…schedule it on your calendars right away!

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