Can you say, ready and available really, really fast? My newest novel will stir the minds of even the most laziest reader. I believe it could even guide one away temporarily from the chaos of repetitive bouts of reality TV. Let the history flow into your being. Relax, and rediscover the many complex lifestyles and mysteries from an original manuscript about the action of the wild, wild west which no doubt still resides inside of you.
This is a western themed, historical fiction based on real true events in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory in the late 19th century in a town named San Bois. After all, many criminals, freedmen/women, Native American Choctaws, slaveholders, farmers and colonist created a complex society in the pioneer lands of Indian Territory. There was the occasional, spunky, bootlegging Grandpa’s(everyone had one it seemed) who purportedly ran around with bad company. It cannot go without mentioning, that there were murderous gangs and “crooks” who often ran rampant into the Indian Territories.
Fortunately for the citizens, things changed once the crooks came into the presence of a most feared and dependable U.S. Marshal. The U.S. Marshal’s were sent into Indian Territory from the Western District of the U.S. Federal Courts by direct orders of the infamous Judge Isaac C. Parker (the hanging judge). Find the historical aficionado right within yourself (your DNA) and link it to the 19th century. Let your fingers type the words…AMAZON…that’s where “They hollered me up“! will be found.
Check out this interesting read on Amazon”s Kindle today! The paperback is quickly being formatted for your tangible reading adventures.

Enjoy, I say, enjoy!


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