New release: “They Hollered me Up”!

This book is a most riveting novel awaiting the most serious readers who find a fascination with history. Hear the new spin of the ancestral voices so that you can separate fiction from the authentic truth of this 19th century western. You may want to buy you a horse and/or cowboy/girl boots and mount up afterwards… and ride into your sunset!
Let’s go back in time…gather your horse, buggies if you will!Here is a sample reading:
The devoted U.S. Marshal of late 19th century required hearing each and every sound that the San Bois Mountain winds blew into the valley; also whatever the Fort Smith and McAlester roads had to offer. Every sound became a clue.
The remarkable, tall U.S. Marshal had his positioning on the warm earth was essential. No doubt, it was his sworn oath as to why he was so devoted. On the previous night, it had been reported of 3 loud shots, a brutal house fire and then there was even evidence of a spiteful blood-spattered murder. How did all of those alleged intentions possibly occur in one night?
The mere thought of it suggested synchronicity against validity by all. Amidst crackling noises and horses galloping wildly, a freckled woman waved as buggies were driven against the dirt pavement. All townspeople were unofficially invited to witness the emanation of a blood moon arising all over the otherwise starry display. The blood moon tingled the varmints’ hairy hides and the pull of the galaxy seemed to soothe the howling wolves. It gave the water in the dreamer’s well its rhythm and buoyancy.  Shockingly, the audacious spell-like emotional grip touched every living creature as that blood moon kept on rising, rising and rising in the extraordinary sky.

Meanwhile, the Native people chanted, the African’s prayed, the White’s embraced hope; whereby their keen U.S. Marshal’s findings would be deemed incredible. The forest became quiet, ever so quiet. The east winds reduced their strength off of the San Bois Mountains with reverential regards to their fellow nature neighbor above. All became all, just silhouettes under the mesmerizing reddish-orange blood moon. It seemed so sacred to everyone witnessing the moon’s dramatic shifting, they all stood still in awe. A thought provoking historic fictional story based on true and actual events.


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