What can be better than a hot caramel latte’ in your hand?  It can be hot or cold. Either way it is simply delicious.  As you take sip after sip and calmly taste every bit of the sumptuous espresso. To have that type of experience, I visit only one place for pure fun and often work when I must seek out sometimes a different creative environment.  Curious minds want to know where?  Without a doubt, I drive to the new Dunkin Donut’s store located at 10121 N. Rodney Parham in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The owner of this fine establishment is none other than the ever so helpful, Mr. Conan.  Mr. Conan makes everyone feel special, from the eldest person who steps into his store to the very youngest. To make it a more pleasurable experience, Mr. Conan has secured several new extra-large patio umbrellas for all patrons to have an option for outside enjoyment of nature.  It is absolutely relaxing to gaze at the nearby cherry blossoms and apple blossoms on nearby trees. Then sip away your gourmet (or plain) coffee or unique tea blends.

Let your mind unwind as you stare at the gigantic tallest of tall, ever so strong green pine trees also in the midst.  At Dunkin Donut’s, my very special relaxing coffee shop, you can meet other friendly and savvy readers to socialize with and discuss hot new book arrivals as well.  There is wi-fi, cable TV, clean restrooms and more than adequate seating arrangements.  Feel free to visit and order away. I am not usually in the advertising business, but I felt Mr. Conan’s gesture of goodwill should not be over looked.  He is the type of person who backs his words with his positive actions.

Mr. Conan hires young people who need jobs, gives them a second chance in life where someone else may not hire them at all.  Just saying, I appreciate people in our world who are sincere like he is to young people. I am mentioning all of this information to tell you that I will be offering a different contest during the month of April on this blog, my Facebook page, and my Genealogy website to run concurrently.  As a trial run, Mr. Conan offered me first gift card for the winner of March’s contest which I only offered on Facebook because I have been a loyal customer.

The contest was entitled, “Caring & Sharing”.  The Facebook friends who shared my link from Marilyn White’s Book Gallery, the most times would be considered the winner.  https://www.facebook.com/authormarilynwhite/

That winner would received a $20.00 gift certificate to use at any Dunkin Donut’s store nation wide.  It would be great if all of you could stop in and/or give him a “Shout Out” for his philanthropic activity for a new author like myself trying to get my books shared to all.  At this Dunkin Donut’s store, the staff is really nice and pleasant.

What is really more important to me, other than my relaxing reading time, is being appreciated where I choose to shop.  I do not patronize a business where people do not value good customer service practices.  So with that said, stop in and grab a tasty donuts, tea, sandwiches or coffee.  Then go outside, sit in a most comfortable chair under that grand orange umbrella and stare at  the gorgeous pink and white cherry blossoms.  Don’t forget to sip on your great espresso.

Please try my favorite, the unstoppable great flavor of the caramel latte’ with 3 hits of caramel swirl and whip creme (by request). I am organizing a new book club soon. Naturally, I was invited to drop in with Marilyn White’s Book Gallery members at Mr. Conan’s hot spot (not the competitor’s more expensive and less tasty) Dunkin Donut’s on Rodney Parham.  There are 3 stores in Little Rock, but I prefer Rodney Parham for reasons explained.

We will read, ask questions, offer insight on new books and authors and whatever else that we find interesting you know.  Finally, we will inhale, exhale from all of the fun.  We stop before our departure and catch one last glimpse of nature.  We will feel the gentle breeze flow from the spring equinox winds and watch the petals of the beautiful apple and cherry blossoms flow right by our faces.  Hurry up, we will start the new contest soon.  I will try to hold back the laughter until then.  Laughter is always free, I say use it fully!


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