Day After Mother’s Day with Caramel latte’ styled Clarity

Greetings to all!  On a slight mission today it seems.  This morning my Facebook profile picture was changed.  Specifically, I wanted to say what I personally wish for our global world. I look forward for people to be that, not imitators of others but free thinkers who tolerate, respect and look for the common good in mankind and LIVE IN (not by) their words.

Surely, it goes without stating, that one can always be proud of their heritage but it doesn’t mean we can’t focus on harmony for our children’s children sake. Let us have courage to flourish from our courage. It’s a good thing to have religiosity, quote some scriptures, chant some Sudra, meditate, pray 3x’s a day and whichever format. But the theme of UNITY wins in my world. Whichever God one prays to certainly would smile as we end the urge to conquer and dominate each other by using religion and cultural differences as our excuses.

IMG_4678friends at libraryDSCN1730

For example, the way I communicate with my Creator is a private celebratory act for the most part. Using myself as an example, “I will never impose my choice upon anyone”! Why? “Because I honor, respect and tolerate whichever choice others makes for self-improvement. “I do me” not anyone else.” Kids use to call people who act like that a “copy cat“. I don’t seek approval of others.  However, I do try to make it a choice to respect all, even if its hard.

I pray your unique style demonstrates your individuality in your special way which will lead you to posing similar expressions such as my profile picture today and the attached examples. Let us co-exist with all of humanity, not just in one’s cultural comfort zone. I challenge you to join me as we walk towards acceptance and toleration.  In hopes that we can co-exist with humbled perceptions. Go have lunch with someone out of your cultural comfort zone…you may find an interesting new friend.
In the meantime, don’t expect me or anyone else to love the universal God/Creator any less because it’s not YOUR way. Let us all pulsate our entirety through our co-existence under the cosmic stars. Whew!! I did not intend to write so much. It is what it is…the day after Mother’s Day which brought a dose of Monday morning, tasty Caramel, latte’ styled clarity. ‪#‎NowIwrite‬ ‪#‎AncestorsSpeaks‬ ‪#‎YouAreUnique‬

#Activate your Harmony


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