Hello all!

It’s been a while since I blogged, but I never forgot about you!  I made some tasty lemonade during the last couple of months from the lemons that fell from a nearby tree.  Oh yes, we humans must take a pause for the cause if we want to be productive.  And that is simply what I did. I am writing a children’s version of BELONGING.  Now that is easy for some, but somehow I could not get my gears to start that creative flow. Have you ever felt that way?  So I passed the glasses out on the patio to a friend or two.  We chatted a bit. We laughed.  They left.  I was glad to be alone again to ponder my thoughts about my blues and blah of why I could not write anything down.  I continued sipping on my lemonade.

I wanted to get a glass of Merlot instead. Hum…maybe that would help.  “No”, I said.  Then the huge black crows flew by, followed by a thick sized red robin.I gazed upon these creatures that had such tenacity of life and no worldly worries.  I observed nature.  And nature observed me.  I reflected with my breath and my deep sighs.  They heard me and gathered near my patio’s edge and became comfortable around me.  Suddenly, I began to whisper to my bird friends.  “What is really going on with me”?  I uttered like a crazy person talking to themselves.  The thick red robin fluttered its feathers.  It stared back at me.  It did not move.  The crow bellowed out a screech or two while it attempted to nibble at the lemon peelings that I threw into the yard.  On occasions, the large black crow looked back at me.  The crow cawed very loudly.  I sensed he/she was saying, something like this.  

“You have the nerve to have the blues… try flying around in this heat trying to gather food from the ground”, the voice in my head translated strangely to me.Ah, “Yes”, I said.  That is just what I needed to do was simply to… pause.  I normally always listen to my inner voices. Wow, I believe I may be getting those blues.  My Grandma always talked about that sort of feeling. When all the while I thought she was nuts when I overheard her moaning and singing the blues all about her house.  My Grandma, D-D, sung in a very unique melody of the key of G  with a specific tonality. Yuck! I did not want those blues at all. I paused.  I reflected again.  I listened to my inner voice (that good one).  Naturally, one would think since my Mother was an elementary educator it would be easy for me.  Ha, ha, ha.  So not true.  

Some of her fancy knowledge should have rubbed off on me.  But it did not spill over for as my becoming a children’s author. My Father was a prosperous and powerful salesman in the family.  Most of the time I was more intrigued on learning his negotiation skills in the business sector.  That excited me more. The reminder of my many visits to my Mother’s classrooms listening to her discipline about 28 whiny children that often went on behavioral negative rampages because they lacked proper home training was not my idea of a career choice.  I decided early in life I could not handle that line of professional employment.  Now today, I wish I had my Mother nearby to guide me in this attempt.

My sweet Mother Hazel (RIL) loved children with a passion.  Mother loved every hue of our Creator’s children in this universe.  Really I am so serious. I wrote my first novel, BELONGING, averaged about 150 or so pages (I know lengthy).  You learn by trial and error.  Surely, you heard that cliché.  But I can usually converse much easier with young adults and the elderly than children usually.  I raised 3 children and have 9 grandchildren. You would think I could do this. But I will not give up!  I am working with an illustrator presently.  I plan to make a book that’s simple and fun for my grands and yours to read. Send out your great energy for me in this attempt if you can. Most of the book is 50% completed.  I must complete the remaining 8 pages soon for my editor to check.  I never procrastinate.

If I start something, I intend on completing my tasks in whatever I set my mind to do.  So creativity you best get it together! I want to share this fun exciting children’s version of BELONGING very soon. Look for the viewing of this new book next month! I will win! I will eradicate my summer blues with your help and the help of my new colorful feathery friends.  I will try to make healthy smoothies maybe.  Or I could drive to my favorite Dunkin’s Donuts store in Little Rock on Rodney Parham with such eagerness in placing an order my delicious Caramel latte instead.  Lookout for the butterflies. Feel the joy of every day.  Look once more for the lovely colorful birds.  They will listen.  After all, its free therapy I say! Don’t forget to grab a copy of BELONGING  and my 2nd novel, ‘THEY HOLLERED ME UP”! They are both on sale on Amazon this week.  Namaste’


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