Out and About!

Hello All !

My venturesome life episode of “Out and About”  became more than a discovery of sorts.  Nonetheless, it led me into new adventures about new writing methodologies which was my personal agenda. I was searching for new topic lines.  Somehow,  a most common one was ironically nearby and overlooked during my entire search mode of sorts.  Isn’t that the way it is?

Usually when one looks hard for something you cannot find it.  It is only when you pause and regroup yourself that you succeed. With that reflection, my discovery break has ceased for now.  I am back on track to attempt to write superb types of literature from my traveling and adventures. It was regretful not being able to keep up with my writing here on this website while I pursued closure with my genealogy cases at the same time.  My choices, my choices can be pressing and yet thrilling.  Check out my other website for all of your genealogy needs in the form of a private consultation. The link is :


My  “Out and About” adventure included various mystical twists and turns along the way.  You know we all have those at one time or the other.  However, I am never one to abandon my tasks or give up easy.  I have written 2 new mini books during this time period.  I plan to publish them early in October.  So yes, there is hope literally for all of us! Until the next time, may your life be filled with spectacular and favorable moments that makes you SMILE and LAUGH!


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