Relaxing and Reading just feels good!

Need a change of reading material after surviving a hectic day? One deserves to relax by tugging at your imagination tendencies.  Sure there are free-flowing words one after another that connect chatting in a different thought pattern throughout both books.

Meanwhile, let the words become quite contagious as you find treasured relationships in the often complex people in both of my two books.  Namely, “BELONGING” and “They Hollered me Up”! are excellent reads for any occasion. Share the books with friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives. Try a new view and not read the same old genre.  Have a new reading experience.  Give my books a try.

Certainly, I know you will find remarkable discoveries of how a child can live her life torn between two cultures. Also interesting, is the western theme of , “They Hollered me Up”! whereby the Native Americans survived alongside of slavery and the U.S. Marshal’s chasing the rowdy criminals running a muck.

As we enter this holiday season, buy one or both, of my most interesting stories to give you an inside glimpse of new perspectives toward a subject that you may not find any place else.

I appreciate your time.  Now check my books out at your leisure to aid you in unwinding from a most stressful day.  Turn page after page and explore a world of new topic matter that can create objectivity in the most stubborn person at best.  May your days be filled with smiles and laughter.


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