There was rain in my sunshine!

Life is mysterious, enough said.  There will be joys, triumphs, failures and pains in all of our lives.  It is up to us to persevere or give up, then out.  Unfortunately, since June 2, 2015, I  have lost 3 family members in 1.5 months. As a result, there was cold stinging raindrops in my sunshine!  I will persevere for those deceased family members. The rain stopped and the sun came out again along with their memories.

I will continue to share my story of BELONGING.  We would like for all truth seekers, spiritualists, meditation participant, etc.  Join us as we chant and pray for our world, your family and our family…and the BELONGING staff.  Please share about this adventurous novel.

You can buy the book as a gift to your family and friends.  It will promote attention to the topic of prejudice, family misunderstanding, color-coding and BELONGING’S coined phraseCOLORISM.  Let’s be an integral facet of stand-up people in the best way as we aid at ending the pain of prejudice and colorism.  So many people in many cultures, races, ethnicities and nationalities endure that pain.

BELONGING will thrive to focus and grow our reader’s base in spite of that rain in our lives. Thank you for your patience and interest in this wonderful novel. I believe in encouraging people to be their best.  BELONGING shares a upfront personal version of a  strong-willed little girl who felt raindrops amidst her sunshine in the 1960’s who does just that, her best to survive against the odds.

Go grab a copy of this novel, then sit back and relax.  Then you will have clarity as to why this novel stands as an enigma in its own right. BELONGING tells a delightful story about a spirited bi-racial, foster later adopted child named Kamille with a feisty spirit and unbelievable stunning, gold like dimples.

Also, BELONGING is scheduled soon to be published as a Nook on Barnes & Noble’s web site. I will announce soon the official day of this publication. BELONGING wants to reach out to as many exciting, avid readers as possible. Until then, find us at Amazon.

As always, BELONGING will spread peace and joy…then smiles your way!  Look for us as we are in the process of scheduling book signings.  Hopefully, we’ll be coming your way very soon.  Or you can feel free to organize one in your area for BELONGING fan’s. Contact information is on this website.

Attention:  Owners of BELONGING COPIES please create a review on Amazon’s web site:

Prompts and directions are on the bottom of their home’s page. Thank you very much for all of your great energy and interest!!!


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