Special thanks today goes to Ms. Diane Holwick, the assistant Director of the Fort Smith library for hosting me as the guest author at the “Author’s In the Evening” event on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. Not only is Ms. Holwick a graceful lady, but she was so helpful in organizing a successful event.  This was my 2nd book signing since October 5th, 2015.

My next round of appreciation goes to Mrs Linda Criswell-Chaffin, my literary agent and family. Linda hails several degrees and wears many hats. Linda has extensive talents and more than she wants all to know, but I am sharing it anyway!! Thanks to Larry Chaffin for all the delicious treats! My other best bud Beverly Hiriams -Henderson was unable to come. She did attend Okmulgee, Oklahoma in October! Thank you’s to the sweet Dorothy Love who remains my childhood friend, and my cheerleader sisters Pamela Stratford and Tina Marable-Norwood. Thanks to countless others who keep it authentic!

Fort Smith Library’s Author In the Evening event on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 was indeed successful! Final April shout outs mentioning goes to the winners of my 2 contest on Marilyn White’s Book Gallery. Namely, Sissy Webster Bushnell and Dar Airhart for their participation in “Caging & Sharing”, “Posting Amazon Reviews”!  Each winner received a $20.00 gift card. One gift card was from Mr. Conan Watters fabulous Dunkin’s Donut 10121 Rodney Parham LR,Ar and the other to any Dollar Tree store nationwide.

I am looking forward to new contests and new adventures in connecting people to resurge  a passion for quiet time “reading”!  Final thanks go to my hard-working 3 adult children who weren’t able to come due to job requirements ; Mia, King Sr. , Kraig, Candace and Governor II & 8 grands and one on the way!!!! Whew!!! Smiles are free, use them daily I say!!

IMG_4686IMG_4675IMG_4685library friendsfriends at libraryIMG_4678



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